BRB Holding Company performing great landscape by producing special designs for each city, park and soil, makes production with pioneer technologies in its modern greenhouses and its 27500 m² indoor and 150.000 m² outdoor production facilities.

BRB Holding Company increases its annual production day by day in its facilities together with its quality. Today, it makes plant productions, annual 40 million seasonal flowers, 500 thousand tree group and 3 million bulbous plants, and it reaps the fruits of its modern production mentality.

◎ Wall Plants
◎ Tree and Bush Group
◎ Wall Turf Fence
◎ Landscape Decoration


Urban Landscape Applications


Wall Grass Fence Applications

Landscape Projects


Maxx Royal Kemer Resort, Turkey


Tahrir Square, Egypt


Nice Landscape Decoration, France


Mihrabat Korusu, Turkey


BRB Holding Company creates healthy and safe playgrounds for children with the philosophy of “safety is our priority”. Our indoor and outdoor playground flooring materials are produced from raw materials those do not harm health.

Our soft and flexible grounds have features preventing slipping and impact absorber. In case of falling children in playground, it keeps injury risk at minimum. It is durable in terms of structure and resistant against all types of weather conditions. It does not cause break and crack. They protect their shapes despite pressure, weight and temperature changes.

Playground flooring materials:

◎ Roller Rubber Ground
◎ Tile Rubber Ground
◎ Lock Rubber Ground
◎ Decorative Artificial Turf

Playground Projects


Üsküdar Park, Turkey


Giresun Park, Turkey


Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


The British International School, Turkey