BRB Holding Company

BRB Holding Company started its big movement in 1994 with its first company, Reform Spor Sistemleri A.Ş. (Reform Sports Systems INC.). In this long-term journey leaving a quarter century behind, it demonstrated a success example, hard to reach, by bringing projects more than thirteen thousand across the world. It takes firm steps forward to be a global company with consortiums that it formed in various fields with its 14 companies and 14 brands taking place amongst pioneer companies in their sectors, those were included into its body in time.

BRB Holding Company with its high-quality mentality and experience, it performs its activities focusing on human, solution and innovation in 100 countries and 7 regions of the world, Africa, Asia, Europe, Balkan Peninsula, South America, Caucasus and Middle East.

BRB Holding Company performs activities in many fields currently with consortiums that it established and companies in its body;
Construction and Commitment: Housing projects, steel structure, water mains and sewage, motorway and highway, metro-tramway, public buildings, school and hospital projects.
Sports Industry: Artificial turf and rubber production, sports equipment, sport facilities construction.
Furniture: Office, hotel, hospital, school and home furniture production.
Energy: Solar energy, stadium, park and garden, avenue and street lighting systems.
Landscaping: Wall plants, tree and bush group, wall turf fence production and landscape decoration.
Bathroom Equipment: Bathtub systems, compact shower units and hottub production.
Playground Groups: Children play groups and park sports equipment for parks and garden.
Patrol and Gas: Patrol and gas trade.
Precious Metals: Precious metal investments, mainly gold, copper, silver, chromium.

BRB Holding Company, adopting “sustainable growth”, “productivity” and “consistency” as basic principles leading its activities and business development strategies, moves forward with a vision to be one of pioneer corporations in Turkey with its competence in having benefit from its experienced and strong staff and advance technologies, successful R&D and innovation and its experience and moral values in international scales.

Global Structure

We perform our activities in different sectors in 100 countries and 7 regions of the world by focusing on human, solution and innovation.


Our vision is to be a pioneer company and efficient in the whole world, renewing itself, consistently developing, considering innovation, with social awareness, being environment-friendly, being above customer expectations without compromising quality, consistently developing products and service structure in accordance with competitive and global sector expectations with technological and scientific investments, producing the highest value added together with our all employees.


Our mission is to bring a fair and sharing commercial spirit for our country and humanity with a mentality locked on big aims with its conscious and determined staffs. While doing this, we take increasing material and spiritual development and wealth levels of all of our shareholders as principle. The main principle of our mission is to leave a global company behind that is always up front and consistently developing for next generations.

High Business Ethic

In our all business processes and relations, honesty and transparency are our prioritized values. We move with these principles in our relations with our all employees and shareholders.

Pioneer In Quality

All products those we produce and all services those we provide have international quality documents and certificates.

Strong Structure

With 14 companies and 14 brands, each taking place amongst pioneer companies in their sectors and with consortiums those we established in various fields, we create a strong synergy by providing service in many sectors.

Reliable R-D Solutions

With our competence to have benefit from advance technology, successful R&D and innovation works, we provide quality, quick and reliable solutions to correctly and whole expectations and demands of customers.


By adopting basic principles leading our activities and business development strategies, such as “sustainable growth”, “productivity” and “consistency”, we perform our activities with 100% national capital structure.

Human & Environment Awareness

By moving forward with “human first” philosophy in our all activities, we act with global responsibility awareness for not to harm environment and to protect natural resources. We take sustainability that is needed by the world as basic in all fields.