ReformSports® that was founded in 1994, has been one of the leader companies in its sector not only in Turkey but also in the world by being one step ahead of change all the time in its journey exceeding 26 years. ReformSports® paying regard to continuous development and compliance with international standards in sport facilities those it built, constructed football pitches, indoor and outdoor sports halls, tennis courts, golf pitches, hockey pitches and athletics tracks exceeding 12.500 in numbers in 97 countries of the worlds and in city of Turkey.


Europeangrass®, with its experienced team, constructs artificial turf application in landscape areas and sports fields grounds in Germany and Europe. Environment friendly Europeangrass® products provides safe, durable and economic solutions for all sports grounds.


DizaynSpor®, where 26 years of experience and high technology are combined, provides durable and trustworthy ground solutions in international quality for all sports grounds. DizaynSpor®, leader company of the sector established on the principle of solutions for innovative sports grounds, constructs your all sport complexes those are indoor and outdoor ones, with its expert staff in their fields from turn-key basis projecting to consultancy, from assembly to after sale services.


Goal Grass®, that is pioneer in quality, produces high durability artificial turf and provides to the world market by using advance technology and high-quality raw materials, with quality product mentality as being a part of sports grounds, decorative and landscape turf production within the body of the holding company.


Refturf® that is one the biggest synthetic turf producers in the world, produces football, tennis, golf, hockey, baseball, rugby football pitches and 94 different types of synthetic turf for decorative purposes. Refturf® products those have a production mentality focused on quality and customer demands, have FIFA QUALITY AND FIFA QUALITY PRO quality certificates. Refturf®, aiming global success in its production and commercial activities, addresses synthetic turf industry in wide geography where it operates its activities with its products and services.


Refrubber® taking place amongst the biggest producers in Europe in rubber production, makes rubber production for various sports field grounds, playgrounds and walking patches, especially for tennis court and athletics track grounds. Refrubber® products those are produced in accordance with international standards, are approved and have IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and ITF (International Tennis Federation) certificates. In Refrubber product range, rubber, tartan, epoxy, acrylic, PU, EPDM, roller, granular, antistatic and antiballistic grounds take place.


Reffloor® that is an expert in flooring, produces floorings used in indoor and outdoor places. Reffloor®, innovative and pioneer in its sector from production to design and from technology to environmental awareness, is one of the biggest sportive ground producers of Turkey. In wide product range of Reffloor, pvc, epoxy, laminated, wood, polyurethane, parquet, tile, solid, travertine, composite and bamboo flooring systems take place.


Refkim® that was found in 1994, makes production of chemical components those are used on sports and industrial ground systems. It is amongst pioneer corporates of the sector especially in production of epdm granular, binder, tartan binder and acrylic paint production.


ReformEquipment®, producing equipment used in sports facilities, makes production of all tools and equipment required for olympic complexes and supply and assembly in world standards.


RMS® (Reform Machine Industry), produces maintenance machines, sand and granular apparatus, ball machines used in artificial turfs, line machines, mixer and finisher used in athletic track constructions. RMS®, making export to 97 countries of the world, continues to grown by widening its product range day by day.


Refyapı®; operating activity in construction field, provides professional structure solutions in a wide range such as stadium constructions, community buildings, steel and reinforced concrete structure systems, substructure works, highways and railways, sewage, water supply network constructions, hotel and accommodation facilities, gas stations and tourist facilities.


Founded in Luleburgaz / Kırklareli in 2019, BRB Tarım ve Hayvancılık A.S. aims to produce organic animal products in compliance with healthy stock raising principles and safe harvesting products in compliance with organic agricultural practices. In company’s 300.000 square meter plantation, there are 30.000 indoor area, 2 dairy barns, 1 birth room, 1 milking parlor and its’ own feedstuff center. The plantation has a total capacity of 8.000 animals including 5.000 Lacaune breed sheep.


Obabeyi Farm is a part of BRB Tarım Ve Hayvancılık A.S. and carries on business with the principle of producing natural and organic stuff in European Union Standards and not compromising on quality. Reintroducing the natural tastes you miss, Obabeyi Farm offers its’ healthy, delicious, nutritious and safe products.